NSE Share Recommendation App provides regular stock tips with targets. This app is free, and no sign-up required. You only need an Android device to install it.

NSE share recommendation application provides quality stock tips by considering financial statements, assets/liabilities, revenue, and profit. We only consider quality stocks with strong fundamentals and positive revenue growth.

No one can predict at what time target price for a stock will trigger. Sometimes targets get triggered within some days and sometimes it takes weeks/months.

Investing in quality stocks with strong fundamentals would be a great decision if you want to earn for the long term. Earning money by investing for medium/short term, in the long run, is only possible if you can wait and just spend the money you don’t need for other means.

Nse Share Recommendation App Installation

Nse Share Recommendation App is available on Google Play Store. Use the following link to install it on your Android device.

Google play store link: Nse Share Recommendation


Active Stocks

All recommended stocks are available in this section until target price triggers to last trading price (LTP). All current shares prices updates after 15 minutes of the interval during market hours. An up arrow icon attached to the stock symbol in case stock LTP is higher than the recommended prince.

List of active stocks sample screen

Share recommendation active stocks

Closed stocks

When target price triggers to an active share, that removed from active stocks list and is available under closed stocks list. Shares under this section don’t get updated, and the purpose is to provide historical data to users. A user can use this data to compare the success rate of this app.

List of closed stocks sample screen

List of closed stocks

Stock details

A user can see details of a particular stock by clicking on that. Active stock contains potential return and stock recommendation time along with other information. Closed stock includes return, recommendation date time and closed date time fields.

Active stock details sample screen

Active stock details

Closed stock details sample screen

Closed stock details

Stock Column definitions

Following are the list of columns and definitions used in the App to represent stock details.

  • Symbol: Unique id defined by NSE for the company.
  • REC-P: Recommendation price. The market price of stock while posting a new stock into the active stock list.
  • LTP: Last trading price. Latest market price of the stock. Update after every 15 minutes of the interval during market hours.
  • Target: Target price for the active stock.
  • Date: Stock recommendation date. Time is also available under stock details popup.
  • CDate: Stock closing date. Date when target price triggered, and the stock moved to closed stocks section.
  • Return: % return compared with REC-P.
  • St-Loss: Stop loss price.

Application link: Nse Share Recommendation

Happy trading!