This app provides free SMS Gateway API, and there is no paid subscription required to use it. App uses the mobile device as the gateway to send SMS.

Google play store link: Free SMS Gateway API


There are multiple paid SMS Gateways available in the market; however, sometimes users don’t want to pay for this service. There are various reasons to use free SMS gateway:

  1. Your program in test mode.
  2. Subscription cost is large as compared to usage.
  3. The user is not earning to pay for the service.
  4. Apart from above, there are other personal/professional reasons for using Free SMS Gateway.

Our App uses the mobile device as SMS Gateway, and the network provider charges all outgoing SMS costs. If you are using your device to send bulk SMS, then it’s better to subscribe to a suitable plan provided by your network provider.


Template – SMS template CRUD operations. An SMS template contains ID, Title, and Text.

  • ID: Template ID generates automatically when the user creates a new template from New Template page. Template id is the compulsory attribute when calling Send SMS API.
  • Title: Template title is used to identify a particular template when user viewing template list.
  • Text: Template Text is SMS content. The text also contains placeholders; those are required to fill when calling Send SMS API.

SMS Delay – Sending bulk SMS from the mobile device could consume more battery and resources to control this app send one SMS after every 5 seconds. You can increase/decrease delay by applying a different integer value.

Test SMS – This section is useful in case user want to test newly created templates and placeholders by sending a single SMS to a device.

API Access – Provides User Key that is compulsory to send in Send SMS API requests. API Endpoint is the request URL that can be used to send SMS requests with HTTP POST method.

Example usage

In this example, we will create a new template with placeholders and send SMS using REST API.

Create Template

Create a new template:

Template title: My First Template

SMS Template Text: I am {name} from {address}.

New Template screen

Test SMS

Let’s test our template by sending on a single mobile device.

Test SMS screen

Send SMS using API

After sending Test SMS to a single device now its time to send SMS from HTTP POST using REST API. Template id and user key are mandatory attributes for a successful request.

Template Id can be found along with the template.

User key is available under API Access page

Sample curl commands to send SMS.

Send to single device:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"templateid":"695913662","userkey":"bGDh0mXoGKU1R4b1frF6tXnYedE2","destinationList":[{"mobile":"9871585285","placeholders":{"name":"Satish", "address":"New Delhi"}}]}'

Send to multiple devices:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"templateid":"695913662","userkey":"bGDh0mXoGKU1R4b1frF6tXnYedE2","destinationList":[{"mobile":"9871585285","placeholders":{"name":"Satish", "address":"New Delhi"}},{"mobile":"9911010212","placeholders":{"name":"Satish Pandey", "address":"New Delhi"}}]}'

Above curl commands tested on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.


This app is free and no subscription fee required to access any modules. You just need an android phone to install it from google play store.

Google play store link: Free SMS Gateway API